This is a donation based event. Suggested pricing between $10.00 -$20.00.


The next Women, Wellness & Wine will be held on Thursday, May 23th @ 7 pm. 

*This is a donation based event* 

This month's featured guest is Lily Sussman, a fertility awareness method coach and herbalist.

Why Your Cycle is Powerful & How to Reclaim It

Despite what you've been told, your cycle is a gift. It is a powerful indication of your overall health, and a sacred teacher, allowing you to shed and build anew each month.


From time immemorial, women have tracked their cycles. When you learn to track your cycle, you can choose to avoid pregnancy, understand and balance your hormonal health, and better prepare for, and time conception. You can also tap into the gifts and opportunities of each phase, while better recognizing recurring patterns and challenges. 


During our time together, we’ll peel back the layers and explore our current relationship to our menstrual cycle, and the larger societal context. We’ll explore common myths about fertility and fertility awareness and engage in candid discussion and self-reflection. 


This workshop is for anyone who’s interested in gaining more sovereignty over their own body. It’s for women who have felt limited by the narrative and options we’ve been taught about our cycles, contraception, and fertility, and want to explore another reality.