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For an amazing, all-women (all women welcome!) festival filled with community, music, movement, mindset, personal growth and so much more!!


Located @ Seven Mile Meadows

30 miles West of Missoula, Montana


July 19-21st, 2024

Welcome to our women-only festival! In our effort to create a uniquely enriching experience for women, we kindly ask attendees not to bring children (except little ones around age 1 and under & 16+ accompanied by an adult - see camping & event page for details) or pets. Let's make this celebration a truly special and empowering time for women to connect, grow, and thrive together.



Bella Flow

Mega Bitch

Andrea Harsell

Lee Rizzo


*Restorative Yoga + Soundbath + Yoga Nidra

  *3-Part Embodiment Practice: Guided Meditation, Intuitive Movement & Gentle Breathwork

*Songs of Womanhood Song Circle

*Movement & Sound Meditation

*Reiki-Infused Soundbath

*The Wild Body Flow

*Ecstatic Dance

*Authentic Movement

*Tantric Flow


*Ignite Your Inner Fire

*Cultivating Health

*Ayurveda 101

  *Hormone Literacy & Plant Wisdom 

*Healing Generational Wounds 







   Bella Flow, emerged from the landscapes of northwest Montana, where the beauty of the Northern Rockies became the canvas for her life’s journey. Immersed in the wonders of rivers and mountains, she connected with like-minded, introspective individuals, finding solace and inspiration in the heart of nature.
As the transition from day to night unfolded seamlessly, guided by the high vibrations from their shared adventures, Bella Flow was born. It became a musical expression of the wellness and wellbeing sought after in these energy spaces. Every beat, rhythm, and melody not only captures the external majesty but also mirrors the internal transformation experienced in these natural settings.
Bella Flow’s compositions are more than an auditory experience; they are an invitation to embark on a personal exploration. The soundscapes cross geographical boundaries, echoing the universal quest for inner harmony and positive vibrations.



From her home base in the beautiful mountains of Western Montana to the pacific isles, Andrea Harsell has been bringing her vibrant performing style and exceptional songwriting to audiences around the globe for over twenty years. With a powerful, supple voice and a passel of outstanding original songs, Andrea is more than just a major talent‚ÄĒshe‚Äôs a force of nature.¬†
Ms. Harsell’s fourth release since 2000's 'Nine Pound Hammer', her latest album, 'Something For the Pain" (Sept. 2017) is comprised of 12 Harsell penned original songs spanning American roots music from jazz to country. Andrea’s magnetic stage presence and unique songwriting is supported on this effort by Luna Roja, stalwarts who know their craft with larger than life personalities of their own. Filled with songs about the human experience, social issues, love and love lost, the show is high energy and feels good. Come on and feel good!



Embarking on a mesmerizing sonic odyssey, Bec Kelley, Britt Arnesen, and Maria Zepeda converge their talents to craft an enchanting experience on stage. This dynamic trio transcends musical boundaries, effortlessly traversing the sonic world of sound. Together with their combined years of songwriting they seamlessly weave threads of advocacy, storytelling, humor, and healing. Their artistic expression is kaleidoscopic, rendering performances that are limitless and atmospheres that are both inviting and eccentric, always perfectly attuned to the moment. As they unite in harmonious collaboration, they create a sanctuary for the soul, beckoning audiences to immerse themselves in the captivating magic of their collective artistry. Welcome to the enchanting world of Mega Bitch‚ÄĒa satirical realm of unfiltered, transformative growth that invites you to join their audacious journey.


Callie makes her home in Missoula as the proud mama of two wild little ones, a whole-hearted therapist, and co-founder of the Western Montana folk band staple Good Old Fashioned. Callie was raised among the inspiring valleys, mountains and rivers of Montana; picking huckleberries and pretending to be Maria from the Sound of Music. She believes in the healing power of women gathering as we have for the history of humankind, in community and song. Callie and her sister Ceci have been offering full moon song circles at Flourish for the past several months, and each has been a unique and moving experience. 
Callie has created Songs of Womanhood for Flourishfest! Inspired by her own journey as a woman and mother, Callie has crafted a set of mantra songs, stories, and poems to honor and celebrate the arc of being a woman. Gather with Callie and your Flourishfest gal pals to be in circle together, to raise our voices, and to honor each other and all the threads of our lives that are different and yet the same. 
May our voices join to send a song of healing and love throughout each other and our Mother Earth! 


Lee is a Missoula raised humanist folk performance artist, poet, vocalist and song maker who is devoted to sharing her personal stories and exploring her growth edge in community.



Leah is a sought after Experience Designer. She is the founder of Lovelight Way, co-creator of REVEAL Retreat, author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, and a soulFULL teacher for change makers, soul seekers, intuitive curious and heart centered leaders. She is a Master Facilitator, an international award winning retreat leader, a certified XCHANGE Guide and intenSati Leader.
Leah is a student of life, a connoisseur of people, and a leader in self-discovery. After spending 16 years in corporate America, she saw a need to balance her type A personality with her intuitive connection to life. Through her own deep inner work, radical self-acceptance, applied understanding of sociology, reiki, energy work, mindset development and craniosacral therapy she has developed and designed a proven path to self-liberation and wholeness.
Leah believes that the change of the world starts within, and she is on a mission to support those that want to support others, so that collectively we all rise together."



 is the co-creator of Wildlight Montana, a healing arts space and collaboration with her partner nestled in the mountains near Alberton, MT. Jess began her yoga practice in her early 20s and has taught yoga professionally since 2008, completing several trainings along the way in hot yoga, hatha, yin, prenatal and postnatal yoga, breathwork, Reiki and sound healing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human biology and has taken classes in massage, both of which help to inform her way of offering adjustments to participants. Jess is passionate about creating sacred, soothing spaces for people tap into their own healing potential. 


crafts transformative experiences that combine the tranquility and meditative teachings of yoga with the healing power of sound. As a musician and student of sound therapy Nicole infuses her sound bath sessions with melodic resonance, creating spaces for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Nicole is a 20-year student of yoga, completed her 200 hour RYT with Sistermoon Wellness and has been guiding restorative practices in the Missoula area since 2019.


Ann is dedicated to helping people in making deeper connections between self, relationships & community, and the natural world. Ann is a licensed professional counselor & has experience in working with people of all ages through grief and loss, major life transitions, and integrating transpersonal experiences into daily life. Ann’s approach to therapy is primarily psychodynamic and body centered. Additional influences include authentic movement and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


I am a mother of 2 little wildlings, with another on the way! Our family resides in Polson, MT where we do our best to enjoy all that this beautiful land and area have to offer. Our family has been through many ups and downs, and seen many changes in a short time. My many years of combined experience and training in various embodiment and self-awareness practices have been true gifts for allowing me to hold myself and my family through these turbulent times.
I have trained in and continue to walk the priestess path of divine embodiment, which to me is a path of remembering my innate wisdom, power and direct connection to source. I also have extensive training and experience as a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery Facilitator, which is a beautifully gentle approach to accessing the wisdom of our body and breath to move through anything that is holding us back from consciously living the lives we desire. It offers integration of our full selves- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- and being able to show up in the world and in our daily lives as the fullest expression of who we are. 
I am deeply passionate about curating safe, sacred space for women to explore the full-spectrum of who they are and to practice the full expression of their radiant, uninhibited, true selves. It's been my great pleasure to be a gentle guide for many women along their path of remembering and returning to the wisdom and divinity within.  I am devoted to offering spaces and practices that reconnect women to their innate connection and communion with the intuition, guidance and support that is available to them. I believe it is the time for women to return to the fullness of their knowing and being, and I am grateful to be alive, awake, and playing my part in the rise of the deeply embodied Feminine!


I left a successful career to study Nutrition Therapy after my middle son was diagnosed with autism. He lost his clinical diagnoses 3 years after I was introduced to the ways in which a nutrient dense, whole foods diet paired with simple, lifestyle habits can dramatically transform health. Today, I am a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Regenerative Farmer and Wellness Educator.  I use my background as an Adjunct Professor to teach folks how to use food and lifestyle to take control of their own health. We have so much agency over our wellness.  My favorite ways to cultivate health happen in the kitchen and on my farm.
  When not studying nutrition, you can find me experimenting with new recipes for my cookbook, working on my farm, training for an ultra-race or planning my next adventure with my husband and 3 boys.


Reyna is a soulful guide on the journey to holistic well-being. As a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, and the heart-driven owner of an Ayurvedic Holistic Spa, Reyna brings a tender touch to the wellness world.
Trained at Sampoorna Ayurvedic College, Reyna has been extending her nurturing embrace through personalized Ayurvedic consultations for the past five years. Currently immersed in a transformative education journey at Maharishi International, she is set to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda and Integrative Health in June 2024.
Reyna’s calling to this path is deeply personal. She has walked through the shadows of anxiety, panic disorders, depression, infertility, and the challenges of hormone dysregulation during her IVF attempts. Yet, in the gentle arms of Ayurveda, she found not just healing but a profound connection to the wisdom of nature.
At the heart of Reyna’s practice is believing in the innate harmony between our well-being and the natural world. Her Ayurvedic Holistic Spa isn’t just a space; it’s a sanctuary where healing unfolds, and clients are invited to rediscover their own vitality.



Melissa Lafontaine with Earth Within Girls is on a beautiful lifelong journey of connecting with plants and her own inner wisdom to balance her hormones and nervous system while living with chronic Lyme disease.¬† She's transmuted her healing into her non-profit organization¬†Earth Within Girls (EWG), where her teams connect girls and community members to natural cycles through plant-based wellness in extracurricular and school settings. EWG is an extension of MA in Environmental Studies: ‚ÄėCultivating Earth Centered Children through Plant-Based Education‚Äô at the University of Montana and her studies in Western Herbalism with Green Path Herb School. Melissa is completing her hormonal health coach certification and is on a mission to offer more accessible hormonal literacy to Womban and Girls.¬† Melissa creates ethereal floral designs at her sustainable floral design studio Earth Within Flowers. Melissa is her best self while playing in her floral garden oasis, hiking and kayaking with her pup Yarrow and dancing, singing and laughing as often as possible.¬†


 Co-founder of Sacred Ally Empowerment Arts center is a lifelong advocate of health and wellness through soul led services.  Her life's work has been in creating safe and sacred spaces for people to heal through deep connection with self.  She lives with her husband and son in the mountains of Missoula Montana where she loves to hike, camp, river play, dance and socialize with her diverse community.


a marketing educator for women creatives and service providers, and focuses on realistic, sustainable ways to increase sales and income. She writes about infertility, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and mental health.


The Tantra Queen is a mentor, coach and wellness obsessionist for all things pleasure, purpose and personal power. She has spent the last 9 years dedicated to the deep sacred practices of tantra while also promoting overall wellness for burnout recovery, nervous system regulation and teaching Queen's how to have more turn-on and wealth. Her goal is to support people In feeling their absolute best while living an aligned authentic life. She cannot wait to serve you. 


Sassa is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Trauma Work Guild, Sacred Crystal Keeper, Certified Sound Therapist and Tarot Card Reader.  She has been attuned to Reiki energy for over 20 years and practices individual and group healing with a unique combination of tools and training in her business Sacred Vibrations Healing.  
Sassa and her husband live in Whitefish, MT with their five fur babies and tortoise.   She loves creating energy work tools utilizing her artistic skills to make Orgonite, healing wands, alignment devices, and wearables.  
Sassa believes oneness and connection to each other on a heart level is our Spiritual home and sees her life's mission as helping others raise their vibration, clear stuck trauma, balance their energy, and open their hearts so we can all rise together.  


Eve Farwell is a certified herbalist, yoga and meditation instructor, and an integrative nutrition health coach, incorporating mindfulness and herbal healing into every aspect of her work.
Eve founded her business ‚ÄúSeed of Mind Wellness‚ÄĚ in 2020 with a mission to make the benefits of yoga, herbalism, and holistic health accessible to the rural population of Philipsburg, Montana and beyond through immersive retreats, community events, and private offerings.
With an ever present smile, Eve pursues her dreams of exploring the world, connecting with nature, and sharing her beloved self-care practices with others.


Goodwin is an embodiment facilitator that helps women come home to their body’s so they feel safe to live in their authenticity. She is a certified Breathwork facilitator and a forever student of free movement. She specializes in helping women expand their capacity to feel the full spectrum of emotions & process shame stored in the body.



Kristen Opp & Jaquelyn Rauff are the creators & founders of FLOURISHFEST & FLOURISH - a women's wellness community.  
We met in Missoula many years ago and quickly became the best of friends! We have always shared a love of healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle, so we decided to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition together, where we earned our health coaching certificates.
‚ÄčIt was an amazing experience and we learned so much, but once we were finished, the big question was... what do we do now?!¬† After spending countless late nights cooking delicious food, drinking even better wine and having long conversations about our path moving forward, we discovered something we both yearned for. We wanted community. We wanted to meet other women that also want to become their most vibrant and authentic selves - women that want to live their best lives! We felt that if we were feeling this way, there must be other women that feel this way too.¬†
And that is when FLOURISH began....
At FLOURISH we believe in wellness that empowers you and wellness that lifts you up. 
And most importantly, we believe in having fun along the way!
THANK YOU for being here on this journey with us and for supporting our vision! We can't wait to see you at FlourishFest! 

ūüíē Kristen & Jaquelyn






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